Studio Harmonie

As an interior design studio with many years of experience, we are able to furnish your interior from A to Z. Of course, we provide an initial consultation, which is a key step to further cooperation and is completely free of charge. This is a no-obligation session over a good cup of coffee, where our team will get an idea of what kind of interior you feel best in. It is an advantage to bring a floor plan or photographs to the initial consultation to make the consultation as efficient as possible.


A company from the Czech Republic, which is the only one producing hardened stone in our country using the proprietary Italian technology Breton. TechniStone offers European quality, processing precision, more than 90% natural ingredients, health and quality backed by certification according to European and American standards, easy maintenance and a plethora of colors and patterns. Kitchen or table tops, staircases, tiles, bathrooms and more.

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