He is one of the global leaders in the residential lighting industry and high-end professionals. This leading manufacturer has always collaborated with the most famous international designers. These luminaires are considered internationally as icons of contemporary design. They use innovative lighting sources and environmentally friendly materials.


Marset was founded in the 1940s in Spain as a family business, originally engaged in metal casting. Over time, it has become a brand specializing in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, and to this day they draw on decades of experience in materials processing. At present, he focuses exclusively on decorative lighting for interiors and exteriors, with which he collects prestigious awards for design. In the Marset offer you will find modern luminaires with a sophisticated design of various materials.


Shortly after its establishment in 2012, the Bomma glassworks established a strong reputation in its field. Top glassmakers and designers began to build a brand that soon successfully entered global markets. Thanks to the combination of the tradition of Czech glassmaking, design and state-of-the-art technology, you can get truly unique lighting fixtures. They also share their technological know-how and experience with designers and architects, so that together under the Bomma brand, they approach perfection.

Rendl lighting

Since 1990, this company has been offering indoor and outdoor lighting for the home or apartment. Their product range also includes lighting suitable for commercial and industrial premises. It is a brand that emphasizes on product quality, design while maintaining reasonable prices.

Axo Light

It is one of the most dynamic companies designing and producing lighting. Their products combine Italian passion and design. Working with major designers, Axo Light has created two lines that offer a versatile solution: the Axo Light decorative line, which includes both technical products with LED light source and Lightecture. Their characteristic feature is elegant production combined with an emphasis on detail. Their main goal is to embody values ​​and emotions through creativity.


Belgian company focusing on the production of technical luminaires for indoors and outdoors. They are dedicated to quality using the best available materials and finishes. Of course, they also continuously innovate in terms of technology and design.


Belgian brand offering premium LED lighting for all spaces. The brand's philosophy is to provide its customers with luminaires that save space, the environment and improve the lives of their users. The luminaires are characterised by their modern design and quality construction.


Italian company focusing on the production of designer glass lamps. Hand-blown glass combined with state-of-the-art machining brings a new dimension to lighting. They place emphasis on detail and innovation.


Worldwide known Austrian brand offering quality lighting and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and residential areas. The company has already achieved several prizes and awards in the field of international design. It continuously develops technology in order to create energy efficient and better quality products for its customers.


According to the Italian company Viabizzuno, the verb "to design" is actually a form of the verb "to love" and with this idea it creates a culture of light and with light creates prosperity. Viabizzuno designs luminaires, objects, lamps, recessed lighting and more. For over 20 years, he has been making design his own reason for living. He brings his passion, practical approach, courage and tenacity to his products.


Prandina is an Italian company that started its activity by designing interior lighting in 1982. Since 2005 it has been a member of ADI - the Italian Association of Industrial Design. From the beginning, Prandin has recognized creative design, precision, simplicity and timeless shapes. As a result, it soon gained recognition in the international market. Handmade glass is typical for the company, but recently it has been developing products with other materials as well.

Aldo Bernardi

In the catalogue of this Italian company you will find stylish design and rustic retro lamps for your home. The combination of ceramic and brass brings unique lamps that not only illuminate your home, but also serve as a beautiful decoration. Style, tradition, detail, these are the pillars of this brand.


The Italian brand, founded in 1962 in Merano, Italy, offers a wide range of lighting fixtures that can be used in homes, gardens, offices and commercial spaces. Thanks to the collaboration with renowned names in the design world, such as the Bouroullec brothers, Philippe Starck, Michael Anastassiades, Konstantin Grcic, Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Achille and Pier Giacomo Catigiolni, among others, you will find many lighting icons in the Flos range.

Tobias grau

Tobias Grau started out in 1986 as a freelance designer in a loft in Hamburg, where he worked in interior architecture. His projects led to the first lighting designs and now the brand provides a wide range of lighting for homes and offices. Light connects us to the world by influencing our vision, emotions and biological rhythms and Tobias Grau's goal is to develop lights that inspire, empower and bring well-being to our homes and offices.

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