A luxury Italian manufacturer of quality designer sofas with a long tradition offers furniture for your interior, especially sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and more. The company was founded in Florence, which is famous as an exporter of quality fabrics. Thus, they continued the tradition of textile production, from which they later switched to the production of upholstered furniture with an emphasis on detail and precise handwork.


Italian furniture manufacturer. They are created by the best designers and a team of experts. Bonaldo uses quality materials and adheres to the original values: creativity, quality and innovation. The width of the production program can be used in all living rooms.

Cattelan Italia

CATTELAN ITALIA is a family-owned company founded in 1979. CATTELAN ITALIA operates as a prestigious brand in the furniture market. In collaboration with leading architects and designers, the company offers larger dining tables, chairs and armchairs, bookcases, home offices, coffee tables, lights and other accessories, tastefully combining many materials - wood, glass, leather and metal.


One of the most famous international brands in the world of chairs and tables. The company is characterized by a constant shift in the field of materials and technologies used. All products excel in their extraordinary appearance and their quality can be completely relied on. All production takes place in Italy, so TONON constantly monitors the quality of its products.


Founded in 1950, the company adheres to the philosophy of original design. The product concept is based on constant technical and technological development and is designed to be as functional as possible. The result of this approach is many products that have become internationally recognized bestsellers.


A Swiss company whose products combine the technical excellence of the creative genius of the world's leading designers. The goal is to create furniture and accessories that are functional and inspiring. The longevity of materials, construction and aesthetics are the main principles.

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